Better World Marketplace is a non-profit organization that seeks to assist as many people in third world countries out of poverty as possible. It was developed and now managed by a non-profit, Eagle Condor. Eagle Condor has deep roots in the microfinance and microloan industries around the world. Its mission: Bridge cultures to empower children and families by providing opportunities for self-reliance.

Eagle Condor embraces a holistic and long term approach to alleviate poverty, working with 4 Pillars of Self-Reliance to incorporate the following programs:

  1. EDUCATION – Internships comprising students, adults and couples, work one-on-one mentoring children, individuals and/or communities to help children with education advancement and skill development.
  2. HEALTH/NUTRITION – Sponsoring children provides needed nutrition, safe shelters, and medical and dental essentials.
  3. INFRASTRUCTURE – Humanitarian expeditions and field programs establishing self-reliant conditions and opportunities in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.
  4. MICRO-CREDIT – Employment training & Micro-loan programs teach principles of good business practice and entrepreneurship for individuals and families.

Better World MarketPlace’s objective is to build a distribution business that takes goods made by local inhabitants of 3rd world countries and sells them in the US and other countries, but passes back the earnings to the local artisans. Our distribution network transports and sells a variety of handmade crafts such as jewelry, pottery, hand bags, children’s toys, and home decor. We operate through Eagle Condor, a well established non-profit organization, to reach thousands of artisans throughout Central and South America.

We are committed to the following standards of excellence:

  1. Sell products that are eco-­friendly and almost exclusively handmade.
  2. Share proceeds with other local non-­profits that reach additional individuals.
  3. Work through volunteers that will be recruited to help run the business to maintain low costs.

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