If you’ve ever had the pleasure of living outside the U.S. in some kind of humanitarian capacity then you know how good we have it, and the joy that comes from service. One thing that has impressed me anywhere I’ve traveled is the goodness that is inherent in so many people. Non-Profit work has always attracted me because of the good people that are involved. Rarely do you find selfish greedy coworkers hoping to get rich, but rather volunteers that want to fight greed and poverty.

For example meet Jaime (hi-may), an Ecuadorian artisan that lives with his wife and 10 children. They make hats and gloves by hand to pay for their kids’ school and food. They’re hoping to one day have enough capital to have a booth or stall in the marketplace.

Suits, briefcases, commercials, & profit, aren’t inherently bad things; but I’m okay without them. Knowing I go to work everyday and help out Peruvian artisans who are struggling to get by is a much richer salary in my opinion. To almost quote one of my favorite artists, Bob Marley “No Profit, No Cry.”

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